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Heather's Musings.....

feel the music playin' soft and slow...


The Girl

nbsp; First and foremost I am a
writer.  It is the thing I love most in the world as far as being able
to be my escape from reality.  I write fan fic and I write regular
fiction.  I want to be an author when I grow up.  I'm working
towards it, but it's a long process and one that is taking a lot more time
than I had anticipated.  Guess I'm just naive...lol!

I am a fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr.  I fan
girl about him a lot.  If you can't handle that please don't ask to be
my friend.  After reading about me, if you think we have stuff in
common and want to be my friend, please comment to be added.

The Fiancée

I love spending time the most with Michael. We
became engaged on December 17th of 2005. It took us a while, but we are planning
on getting married October 11th of 2008. If you are interested in reading about
the wedding please go to 031508.

The Job

I love spending time with my friends and my loved ones.

The Graphics

I also love
to make graphics in my spare time.  I have my own community at joshjunkie.

I'm also a maker at ridinxdirty.