Friends Only!

+ This LJ is friends only.
+ My graphics journal is joshjunkie.
+ My Wedding Journal is 031508.
+ Comment and add me first. If we have something in common I will add you back.
+ I am a HUGE NASCAR fan. Love Dale Jr., Martin Truex Jr., and Elliott Sadler. I will drool if I want.
+ I also love Josh Snider.
+ I am a write so at some points you will read something about that.
+ I absofreakinlutely HATE drama!
+ I am an anti-hendrick racing fan. God Bless Brian Vickers for seeing the light.

If any of that interests you please friend me. If not, then please don't.

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mandy_8 From: mandy_8 Date: October 28th, 2004 07:50 pm (UTC) (Link)

hi heather

this is Brandee and Kristen's friend Mandy I was just commenting to say I like you friends only banner it's awesome.
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